Times have changed rapidly. Now you are living in a world where you want to avail a product by sitting in the comfort environs of your home or office. This is the benefit that has occurred with the advent of so many e-retail businesses.

To protect the product that is supposed to reach you it needs solid protective packaging and this is where tamper-proof plastic courier bags come into play. There is a lot of consideration when one decides upon manufacturing the tamper-proof plastic courier bags.

Especially when you are delivering the products across various corners of India where one gets to see the variance in weather conditions. You go to the north in places like hilly areas of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh you will get temperatures below 0 degree Celsius, while in the west such as Rajasthan you get temperatures nearing 50 degrees Celsius. Similarly, in the north-eastern parts you get plenty of rainfall and in the south, you get humid conditions.

Due to the variance in temperature across the regions merely good quality tamper-proof plastic is not sufficient you need to combine it with high strength adhesive that can sustain in every weather condition. And Packman Packaging specifically designs its tamper-proof plastic courier bags by modifying glue strength for each of its plastic courier bags that can bear any weather condition. After all, you would never want your package to open or tear mid-way while in transit.

In this article, India’s eminent spokesperson on the Indian packaging industry as well as the Founder, and Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Packaging, Mr. Gaurav Jalan (also the largest courier bag supplier in India) shares things you should know about tamper-proof plastic courier bags.

Industries Or Applications For Tamper Proof Plastic Courier Bags

This tamper-proof plastic courier bags are favored for their economical and confidential shipping of several products. Here are the industries and some application where this product is used.

  • Online Retail Companies (E-commerce Industry)
  • Courier & Logistics Companies
  • Confidential and Bank Related Documents & Mailing Invoices
  • Examination Papers (Education Industry)
  • Sending Brochures, Samples, and Costly Articles
  • Delivering Valuables Products

These plastic courier bags are light, extra strong, moisture/water-resistant. They have an adhesive strip for permanent closure. It is widely used in multiple industries for the secure movement of documents and consignments. These courier bags will tear when anyone makes an effort to open it, displaying tampering.

Some of The Features And Qualities You Should Check While Buying Tamper Proof Plastic Courier Bags

It is essential to know the features of your tamper-proof plastic courier bags. After all, no one wants their product to be spilled out or damaged. Have a look at some of the specifications when choosing your courier bags.

  • The courier bag must be made from 50 Micron or 60 Micron high-quality LDPE films so it can handle extreme weather temperature.
  • Courier bag must-have self-adhesive that is easy to put, easy for the customer to open but at any time it cannot be opened and repasted to avoid theft during transit.
  • Courier Bags should be water and moisture resistant
  • Courier Bags should be highly durable, even with pulls and pressure it should not tear.
  • Courier Bags should have High Seam Strength
  • Courier Bag manufacturer should be able to offer a wide range of sizes of courier bags as per your business requirements.

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