Technically e-Commerce business has a lot to devote to its services and operations to achieve break-even and profit. That’s not all, this business also needs constant innovation and efforts on its marketing front to generate its sales cycle, but that does not mean one should miss any opportunity to squeeze a bit of extra branding and customer loyalty to your shoppers if it’s available on your shipment packaging.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of Packman Packaging which is India’s leading courier bag supplier to e-commerce companies share 5 ways to make your e-commerce shipment more brandable.

Custom Shipping Boxes

It always brings joy to receive your long-awaited Amazon package on your doorstep with its distinctive smiling A-Z logo vs getting the package on a plain and unattractive box. Have you ever wondered how you could get that kind of high-end service for your own products?

Custom Corrugated Boxes and custom printed courier bags are products that can make it happen. From simple 2-color designs on regular cardboard to more premium-grade printing across the entire box, you can give your package a look that’s more professional look and sophisticated. The best part is that at the Packman store you can fully customize your corrugated boxes and get any e-commerce logo printed and shipment anywhere in India within 9 working days.

Custom Shipping Tape

Shipping tape doesn’t have to be the same and stereotyped brown or transparent. Packman store offers some excellent choices for getting your brand logo printed on packaging tapes.

These tapes are professional tapes that are strong and meant for high endurance during shipment transit.

 Custom Shipping Bags

If you are dealing in fashion, apparel, gifting, stationery, then well-designed and well-customized carry bags hold an important role to communicate your brand’s sophistication and encourage word-of-mouth promotion by your customers. From simple merchandise bags to high-end fabric bags and gourmet bags, you can ship your product in style.

At Packman store, you can get a wide range of carrying bag options, with designing services and options to get custom sizing and printing on the bags much more. Many of their products are eco-friendly as well.

For when you need something a bit simpler, take a look at Packman Packaging store for a range of security packaging, bubble wrap bags, and custom courier mailer packaging.