Majority of if not every company is looking to go green with their packaging these days. Helping the environment is just one benefit of using eco-friendly packaging but the reality is that using eco-friendly packaging products needs fewer materials. This is more sustainable and also provides better results.

Green packaging uses environmentally sensitive techniques as a huge amount of energy is used up in the production of traditional packaging materials such as the plastic, paper, and cardboard. Normally, the source of the energy is the fossil fuels which spread millions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane into the environment while the waste packaging material ends up in landfills and water bodies.

Green packaging is a way that ensures a cleaner earth. Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd talks about the advantages of green packaging that it brings to the environment.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly or green packaging is better for the planet as it is made from recycled waste material which lowers the consumption of resources. Do not focus only on your financial targets only but try to meet your environmental goals too.


Green packaging not just reduces your carbon footprint and ecological impact but is also beneficial post it has served its motive as the packaging materials are biodegradable.

Easy Disposal

The kind of packaging one may use differ but it must either be compostable or recyclable. If some of your customers or workers happen to have compost facility then you can turn the waste packaging into compost. If the packaging is clearly marked recyclable packaging then it can be placed into your recycling bin for re-use.


Green packaging is pretty flexible and versatile and can be re-used and re-purposed in most of the major industries that work with packaging. Whatever one is looking to package straight from edibles to electronic devices, there will be an eco-friendly type of packaging that will meet their needs and lower costs.

No Harmful Plastics

Traditional packaging ways and materials contribute to global warming and other ecological issues. Using green packaging allows you to decrease the amount of plastic that you use. Using non-sustainable petrochemical resources those are a part of all traditional plastics needs a lot of energy. Petrochemical products normally tend to litter public places and have been associated with health problems when used with food.