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Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

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Packman Cardboard Storage Boxes: Your Best Packaging Partner

The cardboard box is definitely considered as one of the best packaging materials available. Whether you need cardboard boxes for moving homes or you need them for your business, you can easily buy cardboard gift boxes online in India at Packman without any hassles. These boxes are considered as quite essential products to protect your goods. The best thing about our cardboard boxes is the fact that they are easily accessible and are quite affordable as well and can find use in a number of industries.

A Bit About the Cardboard Box

While the cardboard box is a light weight and easy to handle and transport packaging material, it also ensures that your goods and packaged items can be stored safely. With the penetration of digital platforms into almost all industries, you can now buy small cardboard boxes online at Packman, or even at an ecommerce site. This effectively removes the need to question where you can find “cardboard boxes near me”, as a simple online search can lead you to just the products you require.

Cardboard Boxes and Packaging

Packaging using cardboard boxes offers you a very cost effective solution for packing and moving goods. Plus, if you have a business to run that requires these packaging materials on a regular basis, you can easily buy customized cardboard boxes that can also include your company logo, name, or slogan. This way, even your packaging will work towards advertising your brand. This is one of the more cost effective methods that you can add to your marketing strategy to solve a double purpose of packaging your goods safely as well as creating a legacy for your brand.

Another benefit of using the cardboard box as a packaging material is that it offers a very sustainable solution. Being made of cardboard, this material is eco-friendly as well as bio-degradable and when you opt to buy cardboard boxes online at Packman for your packaging needs, you contribute in part to sustaining our environment.

You Have Come to the Right Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Eco-friendly, high on utility, affordable, and easy to use, cardboard cartons by Packman are an irreplaceable part of any industry. From e-commerce to superstores, and even factories, cardboard cartons play quite an important role in today’s world. As these products are available online in aplenty, you need to choose the right cardboard box manufacturers to ensure not only that you get timely deliveries, but also that you get good products at great prices. Cardboard boxes are one of the most cost effective packaging solutions, but you still need to choose the best manufacturer to make sure that you pay a fair price.

Packman is one of the top cardboard box manufacturers in the country, and offers a wide range of cardboard boxes to suit the needs of all clients. We at Packman specialize in supplying printed as well as non-printed cardboard boxes of very fine quality. We also have a creative designing team that can assist you in getting customized boxes made according to your requirements, and create outstanding designs and layouts that precisely fit your branding and product needs.

With a vast experience in the packaging industry, we ensure that we deliver nothing but world class quality products to our customers. We are India’s first online ecommerce packaging materials suppliers and have managed to make a name for ourselves in terms of the high quality products and services that we offer. From express 2 hour deliveries for regular orders to pan India shipping, Packman offers a number of packaging products to help fulfil your needs and requirements. We also follow stringent test protocols to ensure high quality in our products at our in house laboratory, where we perform GSM, moisture, and bursting tests, among others, which makes us one of the top cardboard box manufacturers around.

There are multiple easy ways in which you can place your orders with us. You can shop online at our website, email us, or even telephone or fax in your requirements.


1. Why is the cardboard box such a preferred packaging material?

Cardboard boxes work really well to store goods and products during transit or even for storage purposes. Available in various shapes and sizes, depending on your needs, a cardboard box is one of the most cost effective packaging solutions. They are light weight and easy to handle. The best part is perhaps the fact that they are eco-friendly products and are bio-degradable. Plus, you can add your branding to the cardboard boxes to use them as advertising tools to increase your brand presence.

2. How should I buy cardboard boxes online?

If you’re looking for the cardboard box online, you must keep a couple of things in mind before you purchase, and the first thing is to make sure that the manufacturer is a reputed company and offers the products that you require to purchase. See whether the manufacturer offers bespoke cardboard cartons and whether they have a wide range of product sizes and types. Then, you must think about your own packaging needs. Before you buy cardboard boxes online, you should consider the budget you have and the type of packaging material you need, so choosing will be much easier for you later.

3. How do I place an order with Packman for cardboard cartons?

If you wish to buy cardboard cartons from Packman, you have multiple options to place your orders. You can place your order online for cardboard boxes, write us an email, telephone us, or send us a fax. For payment, you again have a number of options, including PayU, credit cards, debit card, net banking, cash deposit or bank transfer, or you can pay by cheque (you will need to send the cheque to us).

Please note that most of our products have a minimum purchase quantity; generally, it is about 100 pcs for our products. Hence, do make sure of the same on the product page before you place an order.