While Diwali is here and Christmas & New Year is just a month away, many entrepreneurs, HR heads and start-ups might be wondering what corporate gift they should buy for their employees, partners, associates, financers and media. After all corporate gifting offers once a year opportunity to rejuvenate your trust, to express your care for the people who matter and unspoken-ly communicate your organization’s growth and express professional strength.

Now the tricky part is, your choice for a gift can translate your organization’s well-being but it’s your gift packaging that can translate the later part, i.e. your organization’s capability for deep thinking and eyes for detailing.

For example, if you are gifting your banker a premium wallet, possibly the gift receipt has received many gifts on the occasion, even from your competitor, then the chances for your gift to stand apart if it is packed thoughtfully with good care like – eco-friendly box with a personalised handwritten note.

Unfortunately, many organizations miss the importance of packaging when they make decisions for corporate gifting, in fact, a common myth is, gift packaging is secondary while it’s the gift that only matters, but in reality, good and customized packaging, offers an opportunity to express that your organization care deeply for its recipient of the gift, be its partners, associates, financers, or employees.

Talking on this matter, Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of Packman Packaging share the reasons why corporate gift packaging is important in today’s global business environment.

1.  Good Packaging can create an element of suspense and excitement – When people see a beautifully packaged product, it entices them to open it and creates an element of theatre. The luxury finish of the packaged gift builds anticipation and creates that exact excitement and add value to the gift.

2.  Personalisation is a key element of today’s service industry – Personalised packaging serves as social bait, encouraging consumers to boast about the association with you.

3.  Sustainability and Reusability – Today, the global customer has turned environment conscious and it adds to your brand value if you express your respect for the environment. Here at Packman Packaging, we pride ourselves on the sustainability and reusability of our packaging solutions. When it’s the matter of offering gift packaging solutions, we design with two factors in mind, thinking beyond the presentation of the gift.

4.  Caring about your Packaging – If you are a manufacturer or e-commerce supplier then a good packaged corporate gift is key for your business. Your corporate gift will tell the recipient that you care about the way in which your products are packaged, and how you can find ways to be more efficient and cost-effective in the way you deliver your products whilst still being innovative. This is less about consumers and more so about how you as a business can stop your packaging from getting damaged, wasting space and using unnecessary materials.