There are times when it is not just what’s inside that counts. When it comes to forming a connection with your customers, it is important to consider the kind of packaging you ship your products in. The correct exterior packaging can boost the perceived value of your product and show customers that you genuinely care about a quality presentation.

This is not all; a great product packaging has also led to a slew of “unboxing videos,” in which people post videos on social media platforms highlighting their excitement over receiving a specifically, a well-packaged product. Who knows? With the correct packaging, your product could be the star of the next unboxing video.

In this blog, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s top manufacturer of custom corrugated boxes talk about types of packaging your e-commerce business may want to consider when it is time to ship.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are also known as cardboard; it is what you would expect to find your new pair of sneakers from a leading shoe brand, inside of. This is the most used kind of transport packaging. It is important to know that there are various types of corrugated cardboard that affect the durability and strength of the box. The types are differentiated by the “flutes,” which are those waves you may see in some cardboard material (flutes are seen between liner boards, which are glued on top and on bottom).

Usually, the larger the size of the flute, the better the cushioning and compression resistance are. You will want to be certain the product you are shipping is suitable for the flute size in the corrugated box you are using. It is also not uncommon to find a corrugated box using several levels of flutes to strengthen the box.

Paper Bags

Paper or plastic? When it comes to paper, it is quick, simple, economical, and customizable, so what is not to love? Paper bags have long been utilized for packaging for these reasons, which is also why they are a staple at the majority of grocery stores. Also, paper is viewed more positively while comparing to plastic by the eco-friendly crowd, letting businesses highlight their environmental appeal.

Rigid Boxes

This kind of branded packaging is used by several luxury brands. It comes at a price, of course, and so do the products you’ll normally see inside, like premium brands of watches, shoes, and the latest gadgets.

What makes these boxes so unique? Rigid boxes are carved out of highly condensed paperboard, making it 4 times thicker than normal paperboard. They are also designed not to be collapsible, which makes them furthermore expensive to use and ship.

While small eCommerce businesses might not be willing to go for the expense of a rigid box, it is certainly, something to aspire towards.

Foil Sealed Bags

You have seen these earlier. It is the packaging used on products such as coffee, cheese, and cured meats to maintain freshness, enhance shelf life, and lessen bacteria contamination. When using a foil-sealed bag, oxygen is sucked out to keep the fabric tight and safe. It is not the cheapest packaging option but might be necessary depending on what you plan to ship.

Envelopes and Bubble Mailers

Sending plenty of products by post? Envelopes and bubble mailers are your best options. This low-cost packaging alternative can be customized with branding and colors and provides many configurations based on your needs (for instance card-backed varieties don’t let for bending, while peal-and-seal gummed varieties lend good security). Bubble mailers also give security for fragile items without the need for bulky boxes and dunnage (interior wrapping like peanuts, airbags, egg crates).

Custom Packaging with Packman Packaging

So many boxes, and less time! If you’re looking to improving the customer experience through customized packaging but are already quite busy, turn to the experts at Packman Packaging for Customized order fulfillment, a component of our team of experts is how we combine fulfillment and marketing to make a better customer experience.

Our custom packaging strategy uses market-based studies to develop a unique order fulfillment experience with every delivery. Packman Packaging uses the type of custom shipping boxes you think are just right for your customers and your budget. We can also add coupons, flyers, inserts, and more, each tailored to a specific recipient.

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