A kraft box or paper is a natural form of material/ paper. You can identify a kraft paper from its distinct brown color, coarseness, and toughness such as cardboard paper.

Like any form of paper, kraft papers originate from that part of the tree we know as pulp containing the major wood fiber concentration.

They are natural since they still possess the features of the natural tree and less purification or bleaching process. However, the white paper we know and use regularly was thoroughly bleached used chlorine.

Mr Jalan says, using kraft paper suggests that you are using environmentally friendlier paper. Using other materials like bleached papers might pose some health risks, not to talk about the less environmentally friendly they become.

Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s top manufacturer of kraft paper boxes talk about different types of kraft paper boxes.

Straight Tuck Kraft Boxes

Straight tuck kraft boxes are the frequently used box for packaging. They are available with similar flaps at both ends, which fold directly into the box.

The box consists of two pairs of winged supports and two major flaps towards both ends designed parallel. This box is majorly used for packaging beauty products such as creams, and foundations.

Reverse Tuck Kraft Boxes

The reverse tuck kraft boxes are quite similar to straight tuck boxes. The only exception is that their major flaps are positioned in opposite directions.

Bathing soap, cosmetic cartons use this.

Lock Bottom Kraft Boxes

One can distinguish a lock bottom kraft box through its underside. Its bottom flaps lock to create a shape such as a mail envelope.

Lock bottom kraft boxes contain heavier products such as glass cups and ceramics. Its locked flaps lend support and durability to the materials it carries.

Kraft Holster Box

This box is mostly called a half box. It consists of a cut-off top that mostly reveals the content in the box and a bottom with flaps such as a lock bottom or straight tuck kraft box.

Kraft Sleeves

A kraft sleeve is a box that opens from both ends. It is utilized as a temporary cover for goods.

Kraft sleeves do not have tucks: merely two simple openings at each ends. This box is commonly used for ceramic products.

Tuck Top Kraft Boxes

This is usually used for packaging flat-top devices such as keyboards, TV sets, etc. It has a completely locked underside and top closing panel having small-width flaps that fit into the box to create a perfect cuboidal shape.

Two-Piece Kraft Box

A two-piece kraft box contains a tray structure having a bottom tray and a lid covering the tray. The lid and the tray are quite indistinguishable and lend durability and support to the contents inside.

Because of its tray-like nature, it is used packaging jewelry and edible items such as Pizza, and cakes.