E-commerce gives you the freedom to sell your goods all over the world, allowing you to turn your fantastic product into a success. But what really boosts a brand is the packaging. Getting it wrong can have detrimental effect on your business. But don’t worry, as here are few tips on choosing the right shipping boxes for your product.

Choose a Sturdy Box

The product needs to be able to travel from point A to B with minimal damage and without much problem. If the product is bulky or fragile, you will need to focus on materials that are designed for strength. If possible, ensure that your packaging that stacks well. This will ensure that the box can be picked up with ease and placed in a cargo. Such a packaging will survive the knocks and bumps during transit.


Before you begin selecting a shipping box, you must set a budget. This will help determine what kind of material you can use for shipping boxes, and if you can spend money on making it as enticing as possible. Finding the right balance on what you want to spend will immensely help select the right packaging.


When it comes to packaging boxes, you should treat your products as you would treat yourself. You should choose your packaging box depending on the size, as the right space for the product is very essential. For instance, packaging material used by Flipkart is about the ease of use, especially from the consumer standpoint. This packaging material is easy to open and dispose. </p.

Consider Your Package Size

Let’s say your business has a product that comes in four different sizes. In such a case, you can easily get shipping boxes in two sizes instead of four individual sizes. You can do this by being economical with dimensions and designs. This will allow you to incorporate measures that will help save money while maintain the integrity of your product.

Know Your Audience

While taking care of budget, transportation, materials and package design, and incorporating them in your packaging boxes, it is also vital that you keep your target audience at the front of each of these decisions. Keeping your customer at the forefront of decision-making will ensure success in the long term. For example, if you are selling your products through e-commerce giants like Flipkart, you can go for generic Flipkart packaging material instead of custom boxes as customers are placing their faith on Flipkart.

No Limits

There are endless options available for packaging boxes. You are only limited by your budget, sustainability and perhaps your imagination (for custom boxes). But be sure to review all aspects of the packaging boxes. Once you do that, you’ll be able to come up with a plan that adheres to your business.