When one think about sustainable packaging solutions for their product, pouches will come to your mind. Pouches excel through their top flexibility and safety. They need very little material and are unbreakable. Thanks to their great protective properties, pouch packaging retains product quality on a top-level and ensures a long shelf life. Pouches combine product safety, consumer-friendliness, and sustainability.

In this blog Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of India’s leading food packaging company Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd talks that pouches are the future’s packaging solution.

Its Lightweight

These pouches weigh up to 80% less than other forms of packaging, for instance, only 1/5th of a comparable PET bottle. Pouches take less material than other packaging types, it makes them the ideal lightweight solution.

Top Product Safety

Pouches are quite resilient. This supports reducing product losses during transportation and storage when compared to glass packaging which can easily break or cans that can burst during the process. Thanks to the good barrier properties, pouch packaging guarantees a longer product shelf life as well.

Less Emission of Carbon Dioxide

Pouches need fewer materials per packaged product. In stand-up pouches, more than 90% of the product volume is made up of the content. So, more product is transported rather than packaging material. In this manner, pouch packaging decreases CO2 emissions. For instance: glass bottles, including the transport of empty ones, account on average for 50-60% of the truckload volume the figure for stand-up pouch packaging is merely 6.1%.

Consumer Friendly

Pouches are quite flexible and therefore pleasant and easy to handle. They are unbreakable and provides a high level of product protection. Products packed in pouches are thus, very convenient to use on-the-move and out-of-home.

Lesser Food and Packaging Waste

A longer shelf life also means a reduction in food waste. Besides this, you can almost fully empty the pouch, unlike several other packaging types. The result is a further decrease in food waste. Because of the low use of materials, the amount of packaging waste, made by pouches, is also minimal. When disposed of, pouches yield less waste than compared to other types of packaging.