Mistakes in packaging design. As a matter of reality, everyone has made certain, even the biggest of brands. India’s leading packaging company Packman Packaging, shares things that you need to avoid while designing your packaging.

Not considering “Kiss” the first elementary error

No, it is not about that kiss associated with love. It is an abbreviation for “keep it simple stupid”. The essence of successful packaging is always essentiality, never to be confused with minimalism. The end-user does not wish to puzzle over understanding packaging. The interaction should be simple, and immediate. If you ask your buyer to make excessive inferences, they will tire and leave you for a competitor.

Opting for the wrong material, the costly error

The wise rule is to opt for the packaging material depending on the final product. Packman provides both flat and corrugated cardboard. The latter is used for bulky or fragile product packaging. The storage process and shipment must also come into the scene for the design process. Simply select the right sizing and prevent polluting additions. The remaining will follow.

Pay attention to aesthetics- pretty and improbable

Prettiness plays a role, but not as a central figure. A frequent mistake by creatives is to prioritize aesthetics instead of functionality. To clarify, no one is not telling you that the perfect packaging is plain or insignificant. However, the attention should always remain on usability. Stunning packaging sacrificing safety and product presentation would most likely fail. There are several effective ways to mix visual effects and ease of use.

Labeling, if not complete packaging design will never work

As anticipated above, you should provide all the needed information not just on the product, but also on ways to dispose of the packaging itself.

Making waste, the unseen error of packaging design

The box dimensions require to be formed on the specific product features. You must always avoid excessive packaging. Also, it must not involve bulky fillers or several materials. The utilization of versatile models, cutouts, and inserts for space optimization assist a lot. Depending on what you look to pack, you must opt for a single medium, whenever possible. That will hugely facilitate the disposal part.