Without an iota of doubt, air bubble wrap gives the best possible protection for delicate, fragile, sensitive or any easily breakable (oddly-shaped) objects from scratches, dents, breakage, as well as any kind of damage due to excessive vibrations and shocks during transportation. Along with packing paper, bubble wrap is the other major packing material for the products in the e-commerce industry and you should rely on to keep your fragile items completely protected until they reach the safety of the desired destination.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Packaging (Packman Packaging is also the leading bubble wrap & pouch manufacturer) talk about some of the advantages of using air bubble wrap in the e-commerce industry.

Ultimate Protection for Super Fragile Goods

The air which is trapped between the plastic sheets offers superb cushioning qualities that help isolate super-fragile and sensitive objects from any kind of harmful effects during a package move from the e-commerce warehouse from shocks, vibrations, and accidental hits against moisture, dust, and dirt.

Simple To Use

Bubble wrap is quite simple to use – you just wrap it around the objects that need to be protected and tape in place. This easy to use feature saves lots of time while one does the packaging of the e-commerce products. Due to the flexibility of the plastic material, the air bubbles would cover snugly fragile surfaces, thus making tight protective bundles.

Nearly Weightless

Bubble wrap is quite light, you can say nearly weightless – a distinctive in a way that it will not increase the weight of your boxes. As you are aware, the moving price is calculated on the basis of the total weight of your shipment.

Environmentally Friendly

Whenever feasible, use a bio-degradable type of bubble wrap during you’re the movement of your product – for example, Enviro-Bubble. Also, ensure you re-use old sheets of air bubble wrap that has not been damaged too much during previous usages. Eventually, it will also be cost-effective for the industry.

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