Food packaging is a serious business now. It is no more just about protecting the food anymore. It also serves for promoting your brand. Initially, the packages are supposed to protect the food for 4 reasons.

First, the companies need to ensure that their food product retains its properties while handling, storing, shipping as well as distributing. The second reason is safety to ensure that edible products contain no hazards or contamination. The third is the preservation and to keep freshness, taste, appearance, and quality intact. And the last is food packaging acts as your brand’s identity that includes the product’s shelf appeal, highlights along with USP.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman  Packaging Pvt ltd share food packaging tips that will boost your brand.

Product Description

A description of the product on the food package, on how the food is prepared, its ingredents, mention of food certification etc are essential to influence the purchase decision of the target market .

With ever-growing food brands, availability of online shopping and the burst of possible locations to keep your product, a product gets a very limited time of customer’s attention for them to read its descriptions. Hence packaging designer and copywriter must ensure that right font style, size, and colours with the right keyword along with crispy, catchy yet effective language are used for writing the product description. So that customers can quickly understand the product as well as get influenced to add the product in their shopping cart.


A list of ingredients that is inside the product. It is a great practice to adopt the nutrition facts label for recognition and information.

Warning Signs

This needs to be displayed properly. If your product has peanuts, gluten or alcohol that may contain allergens and prohibitions.

Special Highlights

Also known as your USP. Besides design, these highlights help customers drive to your product. What is special about your product which no one has? It could be the place of origin or source of ingredients.

Colors And Designs

The designs of the package have a great impact on impressions and buying patterns. It must reflect your brand identity, uniqueness and assist your buyer to assume the taste and experience they can have. Like if your chips are BBQ flavored then work properly to show the flavor.


Your packaging must have an image of the product how it normally appears. Definitely, you want the product to look as alluring as it could. But do not go overboard. You cannot imagine the disappointment of the buyer after experiencing the product. Just think if they will buy the product again.

Clarity And Simplicity

Your food packaging must be clear on what the product is all about. Clumsy color, images, and lack of needed information will frustrate your customer and will drive them away.

Getting The Correct First Impression

Few people term this as getting the shelf impact. The first impression is a key factor to get your customer’s attention. Creativity prevails but unique selling point assists as well.

Reality And User-Friendliness

While designing your food packaging bear in mind that how your customers will use the product. How the product will be transported or how it would be packaged. Wrap rage is a reality that increases anxiety in everyday life. Packages must be user-friendly and good design has to be functional and useful above all being visually attractive.