Packaging is almost everywhere; in your shopping trolley, cupboards, deliveries and so much more. This enormous amount of plastic and other non-natural materials causes environmental problems such as pollution. But there is an alternative: eco-friendly packaging. In this blog, Packman Packaging which is India’s top manufacturer of corrugated packaging boxes shares the benefits of eco-friendly packaging that your business can gain from.

The problem with normal packaging

The main purpose of packaging is to keep and protect products. Today, the packaging is generally an issue of convenience, particularly when it comes to food and disposable products. The packaging we find is normally made of a kind of plastic: polyethylene. It could come in several types:

  •        Polyethelene terephthalate.
  •        High-density polyethylene.
  •        Low-density polyethylene.

These kinds of plastics can even cover the clothes one buys, either given to us in a plastic bag or delivered in plastic packaging.

Besides, the convenience of plastic, plenty of people think that plastic is recyclable – and they are right – it is. But does that mean it is all getting recycled? Sadly, no. In Europe, 70% of recyclable plastics end up in landfills or oceans.

Another problem caused by non-environmentally friendly packaging is its manufacturing process. Not just is the majority of plastic formed by refining crude oil, but the degradation procedure is similarly harmful. As plastic degrades over hundreds of years, it can also release toxic substances like bisphenol A, which is able to disrupt the hormonal systems of animals.

Then, you may be thinking what about paper and cardboard? Certainly, they are natural and eco-friendly? This answer is complicated. Yes, paper and cardboard are natural, but that does not mean they are an eco-friendly packaging choice. 40% approximately of all globally traded wood is utilized for the pulp and paper industry. This is almost 7.5 million hectares of forest.

To fight these concerns, let us get to grips with the alternative which is eco-friendly packaging.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

The sustainable packaging drive has set up several rules when it comes to what can be called eco-friendly or sustainable packaging:

  •        Beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals and communities throughout their life cycle.
  •        Meets industry criteria for performance and cost.
  •        Sourced, made, transported, and recycled through renewable energy.
  •        Optimizes the use of renewable and recycled source materials.
  •        Is made using clean production technologies and best practices.
  •        Is manufactured from materials that stay non-toxic throughout the life cycle.
  •        Is made to optimize materials and energy.
  •        Impactfully recovered and utilized in biological or industrial closed-loop cycles.

Importantly, it is required to be made from eco-friendly materials, biodegradable, and able to be either reused or recycled.

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The environmental benefits of eco-friendly packaging

Some of the things are beneficial of eco-friendly.

  •        Decreases carbon footprints
  •        Easily disposable
  •        Biodegradable
  •        No harmful toxins
  •        Comfortably reused or recycled

Ways eco-friendly packaging benefits your business

Now in India to the govt agencies are quite active that seeking to promote sustainable products and packaging is one of them. Some of the benefits of eco-friendly packaging are:

Eco-friendly packaging is versatile

Any industry is able to utilize eco-friendly packaging. Whether one is looking for packaging for foodstuffs, clothing, cosmetics, or even electronic devices, there will be an eco-friendly packaging form that will meet your specific needs.

It enhances the brand image

Forming yourself as an environmentally-responsible company makes trust within your customer base. Trends regarding sustainable products are on the rise. For instance, in the fashion industry sustainability is a hugely-trending topic.

Supports expanding your customer base

Now sustainability is fundamental to success. With stiffer competition everywhere, your product if it is sustainable your chances of business growth increases. As with the growth of sustainability trends, one can see that customers look to interact with and purchase from businesses that work towards sustainable methods and goals. Sustainability is hugely important for any settled or fledgling business.

It reduces your transportation or shipment costs

If you are able to source fine quality, eco-friendly packaging, it could mean you need to use less of it. It means an overall decrease in transportation costs.