When it comes to packaging, one needs various supplies in order to secure the package boxes with a strong hold. At this time, tapes, strapping tools, tape guns, and many other useful supplies come to the rescue. Out of this lot, if we consider tapes, these are the ones that give an immaculate touch at the end of the packaging in addition to providing a strong hold. There are plenty of tapes available for the effective storage and packaging of packing boxes bought online or elsewhere. Given each of their unique characteristics, these types of packaging tapes are widely used in the packaging industry:

1.Double sided tapes

To create a double sided tape, a thin adhesive layer is applied on both side of a carrier substrate material. These tapes find their application in various fields. Double sided tapes can both be thick and think are of various types i.e. cotton, foam, paper and many more. Depending on the surfaces you are packaging, you can choose the double-sided tape type. Additionally, these tapes are used for packaging items in a much more solid way.

2.Transparent tapes

These are the traditional tapes that help in fastening and holding package boxes in a great manner. The bond that these tapes create lasts for a very long time giving the entire package a glossy finish on the whole. Due to the sturdiness offered by transparent tapes, they are always in demand and procured intensively by almost every packaging business like the ones that deal in paper bags, mailing bags, envelopes, etc.

3.Brown tapes

Brown packaging tape is an essential packaging supply for many businesses out there. These tapes are one such supply that one constantly needs for one purpose or another. Whether you need to seal things together, pack something up or wrap something, these tapes will come in handy.

For getting a seamless finish, brown tapes are widely trusted. These tapes are heavy duty tapes and are one of the best options to secure a box well in place.

4. Printed tapes

These tapes are different from other types of tapes. Printed tapes display the vital packaging message very loud and clear. If you own a business and want the packaging of your boxes to make your brand name come to the notice of people, you can go for the printed tapes. Apart from this, you can use these tapes in making the courier people know that they need to be careful at the time they load and unload the boxes.

Some useful packing tape terminology

Whenever you select a packing tape for yourself, you should look for the type of strength you would require for packing your boxes. In case you do not choose the right type of tape, it would result in a loss of time, money, and make the efficiency of your business suffer. The below-listed is the terminology related to packing tapes that you can use to your benefit:

  • 1.Tensile strength: It measures that force that is needed to take something to a point where it breaks.
  • 2.Elongation: It is the distance you can stretch a tape before it starts to break. It is measured in a stretch percentage.
  • 3.Core size: The diameter of the inside tape roll.
  • 4.Backing material: It is the material at which the adhesive is applied in a tape. The various types of backing material can be polypropylene, cloth, and vinyl.
  • 5.Dimensions: The length, breadth and width of the tape that you want to use are the dimensions.

These tapes contribute to the main goal of providing a tighter hold to our packaging in order to keep the package contents safe. Whenever you buy packing boxes online or elsewhere, you can select the type of tape according to your requirement and preferences.

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