Premium or luxury packaging does not always have to come at an exorbitant price! There are several creative methods to lower the cost of the packaging while maintaining a luxurious or premium fitness that does not include using expensive options like enhancing printing.

It is a commonly known thing that packaging has the ability to increase competitive advantage over another product through its looks and how attractive it is to the eye. Packaging that stands out on the shelf is able to catch a buyer’s attention over other products that are on display.

In the situation where you might not have a huge budget, you can still access cost-effective luxury or premium packaging with the following tips that are shared by Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd, India’s top manufacturer of packaging products for premium and luxury brands.

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Packman Packaging

Select paper over plastic or rigid board

A folding carton is less expensive than a rigid board. It is customizable as per one’s liking, shape, and style. It is also eco-friendly and is easily folded to form different features. Different kind of papers is available to make various effects.

Go for small

Smaller boxes are not simply more affordable; they are also less expensive to ship. The size of your box affects the cost directly. Based simply on the size, a larger box could be more expensive than a smaller box – the less amount of paper one uses, the less it will cost. A useful tip: make sure that the box is adjusted as per the size of your product and that you do not have extra unwarranted space.

Minimalism will offer a grand appeal

Going small will let you to focus on the artwork and the design creation of the box. You can therefore pay attention to sophistication and class, which are trending among several luxury brands. Our team of industry experts at Packman Packaging can help you create the shape you want for your box while designing a final product that stands out from the rest.

Texture, and simply texture

Lastly, final touches like the matte laminations and soft-touch finishes could give that extra sophisticated touch you may not have thought possible on a restricted budget, Play on your buyer’s sensory feel by finishing your box having a varnish that will be a glossy, matte, or soft touch.