When one thinks about e-commerce packaging, courier bag often comes to mind. Courier bags are a top asset for businesses trying to streamline warehousing and shipping tasks. It makes packing products one super breezy task. The self-adhesive, heat seal makes it possible to seal the bag within a few seconds and the POD jacket thwarts the requirement to glue paperwork on the parcel. Apart from being convenient, courier bags pose a cost-effective option while creating customized designs in bulk. It is a top tool for printing promotional and advertisement material straightaway on the packaging itself, for enhanced brand visibility.

Packman Packaging, India’s top manufacturer of tamper-proof courier bags to several top e-commerce companies shares the reasons that make courier bags mighty popular and useful in the context of an e-commerce business.

temper proof Courier Bags

Tamper proof courier bag’s functions

  • Hot melt adhesive strip on the top part (flap) which makes sure that parcels once sealed cannot be removed from the bag without tearing the bag.
  • Tamper-proof courier bags are manufactured of the co-ex film which has resistant power against oil, water, and rough handling and is fully recyclable.
  • Transparent POD jacket which is also referred to as a document pouch on the back end of the bag for insertion of waybills, invoices or consignee address, etc.


Some of the features include:

  • The standard thickness has 60 Microns. It is customizable and subject to volume.
  • Greyish white glossy finishing externally and opaque black internally.
  • Easy peel and seal closing feature for simple and quick usage.
  • Tamper proof, once the seal cannot be opened without tearing or damaging the bag.
  • Present in several standard sizes for selection.

While the optional feature has:

  • Double serrated side seal to avoid cutting and resealing from sides.
  • Alphanumeric bar code and serial numbers for maintaining records.
  • Perforations tear off receipt having serial numbering.
  • Bottom gusset for simple insertion of the product.
  • Lip sealing bag closure rather than flap closure.
  • Void marking tape closure for added security requirements.
  • Customize printing for branding, promotion, and marketing.

The courier bags also provide several advantages, that make e-commerce businesses use more courier bags.

  • The maximum recommended product for safe transmission during shipments.
  • It is light in weight and thus, saves courier charges when compared to boxes.
  • Decreases manual efforts of wrapping tapes, therefore, speeds up the overall packaging process.
  • Conveys strong brand image when used when compared to traditional covers.
  • Branded packaging is the most impactful and budget-friendly tool of marketing.
  • Economical as compared to other modes of packaging like the boxes, cloth covers, and others.

There are several usages of the courier bags. Some of them are:

  • Ecommerce shipments
  • Packing and shipping online orders.
  • Sending cheques, and sensitive and confidential documents.
  • Sending brochures and samples through courier.
  • Examination envelopes.

Packman Packaging is India’s leading manufacturer of courier bags and provides a wide range of courier bags that can be customized as per your specific orders.