Why Indian Retail Needs to Bring their Online Service In-line with the Store Experience?

Mr. Garurav Jalan spearheads Packman Packaging, which has designed and implemented sustainable packaging solutions for all top manufacturing, eCommerce and technology companies for the past 3 decades emphasizes that by 2021, 21.7% of the world’s population i.e. 2.14 billion people are expected…

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Buy Stand up pouches food packaging

Packaging Tips For Food Safety

Food packaging is something that people take for granted. Modern day’s technological advances in printing and packaging has allowed for greater flexibility in using packaging as a promotional tool, particularly for the purpose of presenting an eye-catching means for attracting…

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Choose The Proper Courier Bags For Your E-Commerce Packaging

Courier bags provides a wide variety of shipping options to ship products and items safely and securely. They are an excellent way to take customer fulfillment to a whole new level. Particularly, e-commerce companies over the last decade have benefited…

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The Art of Packing Luxury and Premium Products to Establish Brand Exclusivity at Retail Store

When shoppers open their doors to luxury fashion designer brands, they enter a world where the brand identity and experience is upheld through every aspect of the retailer’s exclusivity. The presentation of an item through the digital screen is one…

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5 Advantages of “Frustration-Free Packaging” for Online Sellers and Buyers

When you want your customers to be more engaged in packaging than the product, opt for traditional packaging. When you hear about frustration-free packaging, it is for both- the consumers as well as the manufacturers. From a consumer’s perspective, it…

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Packman Bubble Wrap Roll

Why Bubble Padding Envelops are Smarter Business Options for Online Sellers and E-Commerce Players?

So many times, you might have wanted to order that special, movie DVD? Or those beautiful, elegant earrings, only to stop yourself at the decisive moment in fear of them getting damaged on the way? Or on how many occasions…

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  When a customer receives an e-commerce shipment, even before the customer starts using the product, the brand association and brand experience begin with the product packaging itself. For a customer, a perfectly packed shipment commonly conveys the subconscious messages to customers like “the company…

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  There is an important and critical component that is not discussed very often as it should be when it comes to the selection of cable or wire’s packaging. Especially, of the type of cable and the cable packaging. From…

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The Art of Packaging a Bottle of Scotch Whisky the Right Way

“Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, and then it’s time to drink.” ― Haruki Murakami, Good scotch whiskey is not just about taste, it is more about the story, tradition, heritage, legacy, and social value that the…

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