When a customer receives an e-commerce shipment, even before the customer starts using the product, the brand association and brand experience begin with the product packaging itself. For a customer, a perfectly packed shipment commonly conveys the subconscious messages to customers like “the company cares for my product’s safety”, “the brand is really good that they can afford/care for using logo printed tapes etc..

That is why the impact of packaging is huge in today’s Indian e-commerce industries.
In today’s article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Printing and Packaging shares some great insight on how important it has custom printed tapes on shipments.

Mr. Jalan shares that with millions of packages shipped and received every day, companies are looking for unique packaging that makes their products stand out and customized packaging tape is a top contender. Printed tapes give retailers an option to make their brand recognizable from the outside of the package, and deliver a message or warning (such as Fragile) right on the tape used to seal the boxes. Printed tape is a much more economical option than printing the logo and other information on the carton itself, and creating unique packaging is often not feasible or too costly.

Benefits of using customer printed tapes are:

Printed tapes can be used to bolster traceability, particularly in the food industry.  Using printed tape to show your EC number on every carton improves supplier and batch identification, thus assisting traceability.
BrandingUsing a customized printed tape ensures your brand is viewable from the time the carton leaves your unit until it reaches the consumer, enhancing brand exposure.

Also, with the increase in online buying and shipments being sent, using custom printed tape will help your brand to stand out from the crowd.


First impressions are very important.  Custom printed tape, showcasing your brand, gives a nice first impression when it arrives at your customer.  It says that you care and that you pay attention to detail, which helps to make confidence in your company and your products.


The printed tape makes it easier to quickly identify the contents of the boxes for proper handling and storage.

If one is using standard printed tapes like the ‘QC Hold’ or ‘Quarantine’, this makes it much simpler to identify goods within your warehouse, to thwart confusion.


Once the product leaves your site, you don’t know who will handle your package.  Custom printed tapes can be a strong anti-tamper step as printed tape which is broken or resealed is easily recognizable.

Special Instructions

Normally printed tapes bear messages like ‘Fragile’, ‘This side up’, or ‘Handle with care’, etc. to ensure that your packages are handled correctly in transit, arriving at your customer in the condition you actually want them to.  Once they arrive at your customer, this helps the consumer in storing the goods correctly.

Decreases Carton Costs

If you use custom printed tape for branding, this decreases the need to hold large stocks of printed cartons.  Plain cartons are less expensive and can be bought in smaller quantities, saving you money and storage.  Printed paper tapes are particularly effective and professional looking for this application.