When you want your customers to be more engaged in packaging than the product, opt for traditional packaging. When you hear about frustration-free packaging, it is for both- the consumers as well as the manufacturers. From a consumer’s perspective, it is easy to unpack. While for the manufacturers, it is the minimum turnaround time (TAT) while packaging.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Printing and Packaging (also one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Corrugated boxes) shares about the 5 advantages of frustration-free packaging for today’s Indian seller and buyers.

The Correct Sized Packaging

When you are packing your item in a large-sized or smaller packaging box, then the product is bound to damage while shipping. The correct size of the box helps in reducing the material and time required for packing the orders. Thus, one can ship more items in a single attempt.

You should look to use at maximum 50mm packaging material for non-fragile products. This in return reduces the size of the container box drastically. To decrease the size of the box, maintaining the product safety as it is you can go for the following options.

  • Avoid using packing peanuts and air cushion as fillers.
  • Use bubble wraps or polystyrene foam for additional safety.
  • While packaging for scale, one can opt for custom boxes.

No Requirement For An Extra Shipping Box

Apart from the fun gifts, nobody likes a box present inside the box than the actual item. Several e-commerce sellers are collaborating with manufacturers to design packaging, which will not require a container for shipping.

Saving Material, Assembly, And Shipping Expenses And Still Winning It

When you begin by decreasing the size of your package it will automatically reduce the material needed, assembly and shipping expenses. Material wise frustration-free packaging can save the outer packing materials such as fillers and tapes. This lowers packaging material significantly particularly, in scale packaging. While for assembly line the smaller the size of package lesser is the workload and logistics linked. Meanwhile, for shipping, the industry follows the dimensional weight of the package to fix the cost. The dimensional weight method accounts both weight and space of the package to fix the shipping expenses. Compact packages usually have lesser volume and dimensional weight.

It Is Easy To Open

Just have a thought, why e-commerce gained so much popularity in such a short frame of time? It is due to its easy accessibility. Frustration-Free Packaging for retail industry adheres to the same concept the ease and luxury for customers to open the pack. Though the packaging is easy to open, it makes sure product safety during transit. You will not see the product spill or open package while receiving.  The special features are:

  • The packaging averts blister packs.
  • Fewer or no filler material such as packing peanuts, shredded papers, etc.
  • The sealed clamshell is not likened.
  • Unless needed (for instance, for packing headphones, data cables, and parts of assembly toys), wire-ties are not used.

Saves Time During Both Packing And Unpacking

The frustration-free packaging prefers the correct shape of the box for packaging. The ideal shape is the rectangular box with square corners. This makes the packaging simpler to stack. Also, the primary shape of the box does not need expert packaging. It’s easy and faster to assemble the parts.

Because of the easier shape, one can stack and move the boxes in the assembly line. This saves plenty of packaging time in mass production.

Frustration-Free Packaging uses lesser gums and tapes. This helps consumers and retailers open the package comfortably.