Every day the number of environmentally friendly consumers is increasing. Now a good portion of consumers said they are interested in finding sustainable or environmentally responsible. While many shoppers say they are now interested in brands that support recycling. As the global population becomes more aware of the effect of e-commerce on the environment, consumers have become lot interested in shopping from sustainable brands.

In several instances, brands will refrain from sustainable shipping strategies as they think it will cost them extra money – but that is not always the case opines Mr Jalan.

Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s top manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes share a  few methods your business can support to keep the earth green while putting more money in your pocket.

Choose for ground shipping

Ground shipping might be slower than priority mail, but it takes significantly less fuel. Plus, it costs less. Customers might have to wait a little longer than the two-day delivery they are accustomed to but sticking to ground travel does greatly reduce a business’s carbon footprint. Consider providing incentives, such as discounts or lessen shipping costs to encourage ground shipping ahead of priority. You would be surprised how many buyers will take the deal to both save and support the environment.    

Skip the brown box totally

If the product you are mailing already arrives in a cardboard box, why add another? Stick the shipping label on the packaging and avert paying to put the product in another box. Shipping products like them are referred to as “ships in own container,” or SIOC. Not just does this way reduce packaging materials, it also reduces the weight of the package, saving businesses extra money. The downside to this method is that boxes that clearly label the contents might be more tempting to porch pirates, so convey your carriers and your customers to make sure this does not become an issue.

Source sustainable packaging materials

Several packing materials in the shipping business are not sustainable, particularly single-use, non-recyclable plastics. Wherever possible, opt for packaging that is recycled or recyclable. Boxes and mailers made of recycled or compostable materials are mostly equally affordable as their non-recycled counterparts. Paper materials, such as cardboard, are simply to recycle, so remind your buyers to do their part in supporting the planet either on the box’s packaging or within. With sustainable packaging becoming more widely present, it continues to be simpler to implement this sustainable method.